Nail Polish- A Fashion Statement

Fashion is statement or sense of style linked with beauty and its appreciation. This could be expressed in many ways some show by dressing up with style and elegancy and others cater to fashion oriented side by keeping them up to date with the latest trends.

There are various aspects to fashion some could be considered pinnacle of elegance and stylishness while others are simpler but more direct in its approach. Of the latter, nail polish is definitely among the top of the list. Nail polish and its application is definite part of fashion and which is accepted by everyone. It is recent fashion statement and to beautify and adorn the finger and toenails are as much fashionable act as wearing latest and trendiest attires and footwear.

Apart from being done because of and as the importance of beauty the actual application itself could also be considered as an art form. The innovative, intricate and colorful designs that are made when the applying is done validate this following statement. One who is applying the polish, whether it is on their nails or not but there is great pride in their work. Despite this artistry there is also a more practical side to this latest fashionable and artful activity. As practicality the polish also serves as protective covering or coating for the nails. And it could not be more practical than that because hands and the fingers are subjected to too much use throughout the day which leads exposing the nails which could possibly harm or damage.

Because the application of nail polish is directly linked to fashion, accessories are not far behind. Several accessories are involved here; some are used for the actual application while some are those which are used for carefully organizing and arranging the polish, applicators, and other items used in the process. Both are useful and necessary for making sure that beautifying the nails remains an important fashion statement.


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