Nail Care Tips for Different Nail Types

Keeping strong nails is simple task when you find out the kind of nail you have then you can take proper care of it and handle it properly. Understanding what type of nail type you are having can make it easier to achieve the type of strong and attractive nails you want.

  1. Soft Fingernails

Soft finger nail expands gradually and even rarely get longer as opposed to the particular fingertip. They are flexible and even curve easily with minor contact. You can improve them by frequently making use of nail hardener. It will not only reduce the cracking but also eventually protect the actual protein materials which are inside the nail to make more powerful connection.

The following are few different ideas to protect or even to help strengthening your soft nails:

Make sure to use gloves when doing stuff to stop nail-hydration. And keep yourself aware to uncover your nails to be able to formidable substances or even detergents for long durations. Using Elemi Oil will help strengthen nails through dispelling water far away from them.

2. Weak and Brittle Fingernails

Check out pushing edges of the fingernails with each other. If you don’t notice the flex then you probably have fragile and breakable fingernails. Crisp fingernails are incredibly dried that that can very easily split and even can destroy also.

In case you are having feeble and crisp fingernails, you need to stay away from nail hardeners because this will probably make your nails much more rigorous. Rather, you should consider using a high quality lotion or even rich almond oil to refresh your dried, weak fingernails. These are the basic important factors regarding successfully managing these kinds of nail.

3. Damaged Fingernails

Broken or damaged fingernails are due to excessive de-hydration. This specifies the main fundamental conditions to get nails to split flake as well as destroy.

Reassuring a new nail cell progress is very important. Use cuticle oil everyday which means that new skin cells would develop that helps your nail bed to obtain solid, nutritious and attractive nails.

4. Organic, Healthier Fingernails

For all those people who are very much lucky enough to get quickly strong, bright nails and maintain them in top condition by making use of a high-quality hand lotion every day they need to take proper care of nail by staying away from nasty detergents and also warm water as these weaken your nails.


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