Do’s and don’t for Perfect Skin Care

You are never too young or too old to start taking care of your skin. It is said that before the age of 25, you are having the skin which your mother gave you, but after the age 25, you have the skin you gave yourself. Evidence for the truth in this skin care mantra can be realised by seeing the faces of women all around you. Most women until their mid-twenties enjoy naturally vibrant, glowing skin and as the thirties approach the skin begins to lose its elasticity and suppleness.

Fortunately there are certain preventative measures you can take to keep your skin tone fine, making your skin looking at its best. Here below are skin care do’s listed, just simply make a list of the dos and incorporate in your daily life. On the flip side, there is a list of Don’ts are also helping you to prevent your skin from looking wrinkled and tired as you age.

Skin Care Dos:

Do wear Sunscreen: Sunscreens are essential for the care and protection of your skin. Though everyone loves to feel the warmth of the sun on their skin but remember excess sun exposure can cause changes in skin cells leading to damages which can develop wrinkles, sunspots and even skin cancer. Whenever you anticipate being out in the sun, apply sunscreen to the body parts which are exposed to the sun.

Do intake healthy diet: Always eat healthy foods i.e. vegetables and fruits rich in nutrients. As these are full of antioxidants that break down cancer causing free radicals in the body. For healthy skin include vegetables and fruits with every meal.

Do drink plenty of water: Water helps to keep our self hydrated, flushes out toxins and improves circulation. So drinking water everyday (about 2 Litre) will keep your skin looking soft and supple.

Do apply eye cream: An eye cream can help improve the condition of the fragile skin around the eyes, helping you to hydrate and protect the eye area and it may even help to minimize dark circles.

Skincare Don’ts

Don’t smoke: if you observe the skin of the long-term smokers around you, you will get the answer how harmful is smoking for skin and even your health. And if you are smoker this will for sure give you motivation to quit smoking. Yellow, papery dull skin with plenty of wrinkles around the lips- this is what smoking will earn you.

Don’t be irregular about your skincare: Cleanse and moisturize everyday to offset the pollution and other toxins your skin is exposed to on daily basis.

Invest just five minutes in the morning and five minutes in the evening for your skin care, that will make a huge difference for your skin over a lifetime.

Nurture your skin by following the above dos and avoiding the don’ts and you will enjoy perfect, healthy skin well into your golden years.

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