3D Nail Art- A Guide for Beginners

3D nail art1

If you love to glam up your beauty and willing to spend any amount to look different than 3D nail art is for you to decorate your nails. 3D nail art is the latest in nail art designs.

3D nail art

3D Art

3D nail art is also termed as Japanese nail art because it originated there. This technique makes use of three dimensional designs and motifs which also includes use of moulded acrylics, tiny charms, small gems and rhinestones.

3D nail art is bit challenging at initial phase but with practice you can become a pro. Therefore it’s best to start with acrylic nails instead of natural nails. Separate surface allows for steadier hand and neater finish. Acrylic nails are stronger offering more room to work with and once you get used to off the process you would develop confidence and then you can start with your natural nails.

3D nail art2

How to apply 3D nail art?

The procedure is easy. Follow these steps to ensure you get it right.

1. Keep all required materials for implementing nail art designs close at hand. You will require adhesive, polish or nail enamel and the desired decorations. Although it’s easy to work with readymade ornamentation but if you wish to create your own prepare it in advance.

2. Keep your nails clean and healthy and remove stains of past polish coats.

3. Apply a base coat to make your nail look extraordinary.

4. Pat a small amount of clear adhesive on the back of the crystal or acrylic rose and neatly paste onto your nail and avoid using too much adhesive as it tends to get untidy or messy.

5. Finish it off with a topcoat of clear nail polish which includes 3D elements. The top coat will add a sparkle and provide glossy look, even protect the delicate elements from damage.

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